Alison Cook-Sather, Education, “Students of Color and Faculty Members Working Together Toward Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy”

Posted September 26th, 2013 at 10:38 am.

To Improve the Academy, 32, Jossey-Bass, 2013. Edited by James Groccia and Laura Cruz.

This chapter is co-authored by Alison Cook-Sather and Praise Agu.

Through positioning undergraduate students as pedagogical consultants to college faculty, a program called Students as Learners and Teachers provides re-conceptualized “counter-spaces” for those students and for faculty members with whom they work. In our study of the experiences of consultants of color we found that those students and their faculty partners used program counter-spaces to explore links between their lived identities and pedagogical commitments and to share authority and responsibility in developing culturally sustaining pedagogy. In this chapter we report on participants’ experiences in these collaborations and how they legitimate the knowledge of students of color in faculty learning.

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